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Embark on a journey through Plume’s online Shop, where we proudly feature the exquisite wines from the Runner Duck Estate. Nestled in Matakana’s heart, Runner Duck shares our commitment to excellence. Explore this collaboration to discover not only Plume’s distinctive offerings but also the refined elegance of Runner Duck wines. Indulge in the seamless blend of flavours, creating a harmonious connection between Plume and Runner Duck Estate, enriching your experience sip by sip.

Seamless Indulgence Awaits

Whether you’re ordering our carefully crafted wines, booking a curated tasting, gifting a voucher for memorable experiences, or making secure payments for weddings, events, or anything else, Plume’s online shop is your seamless portal to elevated indulgence. Each click brings you closer to the essence of Matakana, a fusion of Plume’s hospitality and the distinguished charm of Runner Duck wines. Cheers to an unparalleled journey, thoughtfully created for your enjoyment.