There’s not a lot of Sangiovese in New Zealand, it’s quite rare here indeed. The classic red grape that is better known as the regional wine Chianti can be the most delicious and fruity grape from which to make wine.

Runner Duck Estate has released their first Sangiovese 2014 and it is superb. When you pull back the cork and smell the wine in the glass the fresh aromas on the nose remind you of days spent in Tuscany.

The aromas are complex and many. It has an immediate burst of blackberry and plum on the nose. On the palate it bursts of Blackberry, raspberry and juicy sweet Black Doris Plum. As it mellows and slowly oxidises a few hours later it’s got some raisiny Christmas cake flavours that are simply stunning.

The texture is soft and velvety, but there’s plenty of fine tannins and one would expect this wine would lay down for many years if stored correctly. It would make a perfect wine to accompany steaks, wood barbequed/cured meats.

Come on over and try it out at Plume! *Only available from the cellar door.