Every bride dreams of beautiful sunny weather and glorious scenery on her wedding day. Not only is this helpful for getting the best photographs, but makes traveling from ceremony venue to reception easier and protects the beautiful gown from damage. This might be why most weddings take place in the spring and summer, but a winter wedding can be just as special if you prepare in the right way.

Bridal Style Options for the Cooler Months

Although you will not experience freezing cold temperatures like you might find in Europe or the United States in a New Zealand winter, the average temperature hovers around 15 degrees Celsius. While the groom can put on an overcoat without messing up his tuxedo, a coat could ruin the look of a beautiful wedding gown.

Add layers of warmth against the winter chill, consider wearing tights under your address and using a small jacket, shrug, cardigan, or shawl for trips between cars and venues.

Choose Decor to Reflect the Season

Embrace the beauty of the winter season with decorations suitable to the time of year. Instead of pastel springtime flowers, consider foliage and bold coloured roses instead. Table centerpieces and reception hall decorations can also reflect this time of year.

One major benefit of having a winter wedding is cost. While fresh flowers may come at a premium price because they will have to be shipped from farther away, other important aspects of your big day may be found at discount. Fewer people get married in the winter, so venues may have more openings, and caterers and photographers may offer cheaper prices.

Plan for Any Weather Events

If you only have to handle cooler temperatures for your winter wedding day, consider yourself lucky. This time of year is also known for its frequent showers and rainstorms. While some people may consider it good luck to have rain on the wedding day, it can also play havoc with your transportation to and from the church and reception hall, and make things unpleasant for you, the bridal party, and guests.

Proper planning for an elegant event at this time of year requires consideration for those who may have to deal with rain. Outdoor weddings may be a bad idea in the winter season. Consider getting a tent or temporary overhang for venues where guests may have to stand outside for any length of time. Make large umbrellas available for the entire wedding party and hand them out to guests before they arrive.

With proper planning, a wedding in the wintertime can be a beautiful event that is not hampered in any way by the cooler temperatures or likelihood of rain. Every bride dreams of the day she will remember for only the best things for the rest of her life. From the most elegant gowns with matching jackets to choosing the right indoor reception hall, there’s no reason an off-season wedding can be any less elegant or memorable as one at a more traditional time of year.